Friday, February 8, 2013


See that dirty white van...See it? Well Do ya?

It's all OURS...Yep-o All Paid Off. We sent them the pay off amount last night.

If you notice the right side where I list my debt....So very nice.

Now to work on the 401k loan and the house. OH we caught up on medical bills as well.

Yep that dirty white thing is all Ours.
Bank says we can keep the dirt! HA!


Rachel said...

Congratulations! Was the final blow to the van loan related to taxes? Or some other event?

And I'm eager to hear what you think of the new canning jar lids.

Marcie said...

Oops got the tax return back and paid off the van. Just started to pay off debt so very nice. I'm's nice.

Chriswife said...

Marcie I'm so happy for you!!

AdoptionMom said...

YEAH for you Marcie!!!
We were debt free until I had to have my Sigmoid Colon removed Jan 23 and then ended up with the reconnect area of intestines leaking into my body and causing a bad infection. So 12 days in the hosptial & surgery so far has amounted to around $85,000, plus being in the hosptial in Dec for 7 days. Such is life. Miss reading your blog and the yahoo group. But have to get my rest. Doctor said that I should be back up and running full speed at the start of summer. For right now I am off the IV antibotics from home health care and bebopping around for about 20 minutes at a time and then need to sit and rest. Oh joy!
But I will say that stomach/intestine wise I am feeling much better, very sore and on pain meds. But actually feeling better, if that makes any sense.
Take care,

Marcie said...

ouchy poo...But talk to the hospital often you can get that bill greatly reduced. Get better soon.