Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make Your Own Orange Peel

So do you work with orange peel? Have you ever smelled the store bought crap? Too bad it's not smell Internet as my orange peel smells amazing. It's easy peasy and a cost cutter as you never have to buy orange peel from the store again.

My son eats oranges so I buy 3-4 a week. I ask him to save me the peel. I put them in the dehydrator until dry and then throw into the blendtec until it's ground. Can't be any simpler. It smells amazing and you know you have chemical free orange peel for your cooking.

I happened to find some store bought orange peel when looking for something else. Opened up and couldn't believe the horrible smell.

Organic Orange

Store bought on the left, mine on the right. Not only is color amazing, but the smell.

Which would you want?


Chriswife said...

Marcie, I have a question. Do you remove the white part and dry just the outer peel or can you dry it without removing anything?

Marcie said...

I just put the whole thing on there. I will break it into smaller pieces and "if" I can grab some white I will take it off. But for the most part I just put it on the dehydrator and let it go.