Sunday, February 24, 2013


So I awoke the other morning thinking OMG we need to get the onions started. What a way to wake. Love waking up thinking about seeds and the garden. So we were going out that day we decided to stop by the local garden store. And as we were there we decided to do our onions a whole different way this year. Normally we buy bulbs and plant them. Then the wild bunnies will come by and dig them up and move them or turn them upside down, burying the tops. So we fix the bed and then the bunnies do this again. This dance goes on for a few weeks until the onions are too big for them to move and then we are safe.

But this year we decided to get these trays and filled with seed starter and onion seeds. Hundreds of onion seeds. And when they get big enough to move we will move them to the garden. Well and if this doesn't work we will buy bulbs in a few weeks and start dancing with the bunnies. Oh, yes you read that right, hundreds of seeds, in hopes for hundreds of onions. Yes. I like to dice and freeze to pull out for a stir fry and everyday cooking. I like to dry onion. And I'm nearly out, down to one jar. We LOVE onions here.

Next up is shallots. This will be my first year. I tried them last year, but???? I don't know what happened, I think the bunnies just took them. I harvested none. 

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Chriswife said...

We love onions here too. Almost as much as I love garlic.