Friday, February 15, 2013

New Sheriff In Town

So there is a new Sheriff in town. Yesterday was our day of whatever. Basically a day of errands and I didn't care about the money spent, if people needed to be paid off we paid them off. If we had things to do we did them. Our long list included a trip to Cabela's for a new dehydrator. Since Big Daddy is not working I need something to keep up with me. I fully expected to pick up the house model, it was on sale for 159$ thinking of getting two. But at only 800 watts I wasn't thrilled. I couldn't stack them in turn taking up more room in our tiny kitchen. After a 30 minute debate, hubby made the decision this was the one we were to get. I told him we were insane, he told the guy to pull it.

I don't know what happened between telling the guy to pull it and it will take a few minutes to come out of the warehouse? It took nearly an hour of us waiting and waiting and waiting, When you are waiting with three kids and a list of errands to do. I now see why profits are falling? The floor was not the cleanest, things placed everywhere, no prices on things placed. Had lots of time to look over things. I could have had that place ship shape in the time I waited for the dehydrator.

Finally get word it's ready, and we run down and pay for it and ran around back to pick it up, where they open the door and they were in the process of taking it out of the box. Now hubby barely blows his top. BUT he blow his top. After how long of a wait why is it out of the box? Because the guy said you wanted to see it? What? Box the God Damn thing up and load it up!

So it's home and in place. I have given it the name "The Sheriff" So I have "The Sheriff" "Big Daddy" And "Little Pea" LOVE my excel but it can't keep up with me during growing season. So needless to say I may never have to buy another dehydrator again in my life!

After our very loooooooooooong day, the kids came home and wanted me to take photos of them jumping mid air. I don't understand why this is a sport in this house? But yeah set up mom on one end of the couch with a camera and jump on her.

Coat tossed in mid-air. Well kid jumping mid-air.

So our looooooooooooooooong day ended. I balanced the budget and brought down the hammer. We are now on a very tight budget, no more spending. We will now account for every penny, we will save for hubby's newer truck, and then build a savings and work on paying down the house. But gotta tell ya had a lot of fun yesterday, playing catch up on life. We bought supplements, we bought lots of bricks, we bought this and that, played catch up here and there. Bought the Asian store out of mini rice cakes. Bought Tucker all the pants he could fit in and a shirt at goodwill. Cleared a photo card, 400 plus photos. My van was loaded down and full when we got home.

But now the budget is tight, pennies will be counted and watched. I moved all the money to savings, the van was paid off, all medical was paid off, bills were caught up on. For the first time in nearly 10 years we have a savings. If brakes go out we are OK. If hubby hits a deer (OH wait he did!) we are OK. It feels good to breath. 

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Andrea said...

How awesome for you! We don't bring in enough to accomplish all you did. Wowza!