Monday, April 1, 2013


We are hauling dirt and kicking butt, and snuggled with the heating pad at night. So thought I would update you with a few photos.

This is the new herb area. Looking good right? So on the sides with the pots, there is a layer of horse poop, topped with some dirt, covered by a weed blocker in which you see, and will be topped with mulch. The middle was filled with horse poop, then a weed blocker and topped with dirt. The big ole middle bed, guess what we are growing there? I have a house full of chive freaks. That middle bed is reserved for chives. The sides will hold 24 different herbs. The filling will start soon.

Close up photo

Hello Chives (well soon) did I mention Chive Freaks?

These two new beds have been filled.

This middle bed has been topped off.

This bed we totally dug up and out, since the wood could have used some help we replaced it with bricks, weed blocker and new dirt. Hoping for success this year.

Double Decker One was filled today, notice the weird mark in the middle? The goats snuck in and Sierra went jumping up into it.

This double decker we are filling tomorrow, Wish us luck.

Same with this one. These three double decker beds will be carrots and parsnips.

OK a before shot. I have a very short window to do this bed as strawberries are growing. I dug out everything sorted the grass from the strawberries. I then decided to weed block it (again!) and I topped with dirt.

Here is the after. Strawberries go back in tomorrow.

We have two days to move the rest of this dirt. We need luck.

Kids have been helping. Cole and Tucker and gate holders. The open and shut the gates and keep the goats in. It allows hubby and me to move faster. Ethan fills the buckets. I just haul and dump. Hopefully when we are all done, I will post photos of the done garden....Stay tuned. 

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