Saturday, April 27, 2013

And Then He Bought A Truck....

So let me set the scene for ya. Last Monday. My back it just out, I can barely walk or move or anything. So hubby went and got hay, he comes back going there is a truck up the road, I'm going to go and look at it. Fine I'll go and feed the outside bunnies. As I"m coming back from the bunnies, the blue berry patch looked at me and was like seriously? Can you seriously walk past us one more time?

CRAP no. I figure hubby will be home soon and can help and I can crawl around. Although I forgot about the getting up part and dumping it over the fence. So I go and get the tools and such and I get on the ground and start working on the two feet of grass in between all the blueberries.

So hubby comes back, and says the truck will be too much work, but there is one on craigslist he wants to go and look at. Seriously? Sure go for it, I will keep crawling around working on this massive area.

Hubby and son 1 was gone for over two hours. After all the truck was in Lacey. And he needed to test drive it. He came home to get his money and to head back up and buy it. So after about 3 hours of work, I was just done anyway. Stiff as a board, I couldn't move. Fine lets go up and get "your" new truck. So we drove back out to Lacey, where I drop off hubby and Ethan to bring home the new truck. I run home and start dinner because now it's well after dinner time. I'm hungry and dying in pain. Told hubby he owes me, really owes me.

He was out the next day finishing up the bed for me, because by now I just can't move. The next day we weed blocked. On Saturday we finished buying the bricks and mulch and this is the end project. Hoping this weed block works as the last one didn't. Grass in there was over 2 feet tall and crowding the blue berries. 

My husband has been spending the week getting up at 8am, starting home school. So he can get out to play with his new truck. Good Golly!

So hubby has a new truck, and in the middle of selling his other truck. He is happy, it's all I can ask for. And it's paid off, that is a big plus! With money left over to take it to his truck guy on Monday for a check up. And my blue berry patch is done.

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