Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Pretty sure I used that title last year about this time as well? Well it's pouring and will be for days. We run out during the breaks and run in when it's pouring. So thought I would update the blog on the going ons this week.

First dirt pile is GONE! 15 yards of dirt gone. We kicked butt Tuesday and filled the double decker beds and topped off all sorts of beds, and filled the inners of the bricks, which now house onions. More photos to come.

Don't know if you remember this baby? I bought a bare root fruit punch mint off eBay last winter. I nursed it and babied it and now look at it. I know if I didn't move it soon it was going to take over the green house. So it was moved Wednesday.

To it's new home, it can now spread.

Wednesday was the day of moving and planting. We moved 80% of the chives from the front yard to it's new bed. The chives I have left are going to other people.

We now have a massive chive bed for the chive Freaks I live with.

Becca and Max say Hi.

I have three mommas here.

And together they had MANY babies. But of course NOT in the box, nope all along the walk way. So we have maybe moved 1/3rd of them. Hoping for a break in the weather so I can move the rest out of the walkway. I spent many hours one night looking up this plant as it has lost it tags, I never thought I would see babies so I didn't think anything of it. But after finding the leaf online and sending it to a friend she came back with Lupine. I'm digging up the babies and moving them to an area in the back behind the chive bed.

HI Sierra!

As we were planting some new shade plants and cleaning the front area under the trees we found two little baby pines. When they get bigger they will have to be moved, they can't grow where they were born. We will move them across the road, so not far.

So I found out Friday you can fit 11, 10 foot gutters into a mini van no problem. This will be next years project, this year I'm just collecting. I got 4 from freecycle and then ran to the Restore and cleaned them out. 11 is a good start. Hubby is actually excited (which I find weird) we can place them here and here and here. Next year I remind him.

Are these Rosemary's not the prettiest thing ever! Well unless you are a herb freak like I am, maybe not. So this past week as we have been moving dirt I have been looking and keeping my eyes open and I have finally came to the realization that I do not have a plain Rosemary. How can that be? I know it was a total shocking to me. I'm thinking I got Blue Tuscan, and thought for some odd reason I grabbed regular Rosemary. Nope, I have lots of Blue Tuscan planted. So I need to head back to the garden store to get me a gallon size of Rosemary. At this point I will only buy Rosemary in gallon size or bigger. It will help with making it through the winters here. I am also learning how to do cuttings, I know how to do cuts, but I want my cuts of herbs to be 100% every time. Not just oh hoping they make it.

These will have their own tubs so I can store them in the green house if need be. Let's say we have ten more feet of snow coming? I can bring in herbs that need to come in.

Carrots, Parsnips, and Spinach was planted on Wednesday, along with a few herbs like dill and cilantro. I have bought 6 bunches of onions, will probably have over 500 when it's all said and done. Got the first 3 bunches planted on Wednesday, and that night the bunnies came in and played move the onions. So every morning I go out and play find the onions and replant them. What I need to play is find the hole and stop them from coming in!

I still need to get peas on the ground. I'm not growing them for us, but Ethan wanted snow peas. I got the first round of lettuce in, now I will head out every Monday and plant a row of lettuce and salad goodies.

Green house is getting greener everyday. I like that we have a heater now. Hopefully if the rain ever breaks I can take garden photos?

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