Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So a few projects I'm working on.

I started yet another quilt. Looks Awesome right?

This is our driveway. The grass on either side has been driving me batty for ten years now. This is the year it's going! As you can see I have all ready started. I'm hoping this is the year to get the front yard totally done. So it will take time to dig all this up. I'm taking time because my back is not 100% and I don't have weed blocker or dirt on hand, so no real rush. I plan on digging up the grass, laying weed blocker and dirting it over. I hope hubby doesn't flip when he gets home. (He doesn't know yet)

One of the four strawberry beds. Other words a nightmare I plan on fixing. This bed is over 30 feet long and is divided into three sections. I went to weed it and it was just nuts barely going 2 feet in 45 minutes and I was dying in pain. I did some digging and realized there is no weed blocker. What are we NUTS? So I dug it up. I started with the middle bed, got it all dug up and sorted the weeds and strawberries. I weed blocked got a few bags of dirt and trimmed up the strawberries and replanted. Today I worked on the bed on the end. It's now empty, tomorrow weed block, Friday dirt and replant Strawberries. Then work on the front bed. Then I have the 30 foot bed right beside it to do. lovely. So might be light on the strawberries this year. But I'm sick of the weeds. I can't believe we made these big beds and didn't weed block.

I do need to be done with this asap so it's where I"m focusing my time right now. The grass between the beds may go as well. I hate it. You go and mow and the grass gets into the beds. I think I would rather dig up the grass and mulch. After we weed block. Weed blocker will be my new best friend!

Until later!

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