Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playful Tuesday Freezing Herbs

I'm starting something new. I am always telling people to go and play in the kitchen. I am always playing in the kitchen. Success or Fail I will post them. Not every Tuesday, but the Tuesday's I can get my act together.
I grow herbs. LOTS of herbs. I am always looking for ways to preserve them. After some googling I came across this blog  And thought BINGO, I could do that. OH could I do that. So I went out and chopped the chives. Now dried chives are not very tasty, they don't dry well. But I have high hopes for chives frozen in Olive Oil.
So it's easy peasy.
Chop up your herb of choice.
Put these in your handy dandy silicon ice tray. If you have a Kitchen Collections I found them there 2 for 5.00 dollars.

Fill with oil, run out of oil, quickly dress kids and change out of your farm boots, and head on down to the little store in town. Buy more Organic Olive Oil. Race home and finish filling the ice tray. Put into the freezer for 24 plus hours.

Pop out, label and store.


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Mary-Jeanine said...

great idea. I save basil by making a simple pesto without the parm cheese (olive oil, walnuts, garlic, S&P, and lots of basil) and then freezing it in ice cube trays. Easy to pop a few into red sauce as needed.
I also read recently about carmelized garlic (boil the cloves (without their paper) covered in olive oil about 25 mins until they are dark brown). Can be used to flavor all kinds of things and the oil is scrumptious too. I just put it all in a glass jar in the frig with a note on the white board to remember its there.