Friday, September 14, 2012

Life On Hold

For the last few months I feel like my life has been on hold. My parents house is set to close on the 28th. Garage sale is this weekend along with packing. So for the next two weeks I will be helping my parents off and on. It's hard, because it's their mess, I want them to deal with it, and I really can't spend the gas back and fourth.

This whole thing has been so very stressful. To the point I wake up in the middle of the night throwing up. I have lost over 11 pounds and honestly I don't have much more to loose.

I just can't understand how someone who has owned their home for 33 years can just loose it. How do you not pay your mortgage for 2 years and not tell your kids? Or ask for help. I know people, well I use to know people, I'm sure people have moved on.

Last week, there was a surprise. BOA sent them a modification packet. They will take off x amount of money and lower their payment to x amount. Hum, their house is closing in three weeks. So I race up to help with the phone call, because the home person no longer comes down here. We would have to travel to see her. I got the paperwork in and dad decided he would try and do this all by phone. But after days of calling and being on the phone for hours on end. There is still no answer. The modification looks good to go through, dad was told, but he needs to talk to another person to see if they can stop the closing of the house. Well that guy has not kept his phone appointments with dad.

So at this point if no concrete answer from BOA by next Wednesday, dad will be going out and renting a house they have lined up. And walking away from their house.

This is just beyond stressful. How do you explain to kids that their Grandparents have lost their minds. They are giving up their house and going to go and live in a mobile, in a run down camp ground.

I have been trying to put this on the back burner. I have been saying no to things. Like packing, helping with the garage sale, finding them a rental, making the calls to BOA for them. I have been trying to keep my life going. But it's hard as this is constantly on my mind. And because this is always on my mind, I have been setting so many things aside to deal with later. I have trips to make, people to call, appointments to make.

I then sit here and wonder how much stress will I loose when my parents are moved and the house is gone, and we have laid down the law with my mother. See my mother use to work at Wal Mart and would shop the clearance aisle's on her lunch hour, and so after Christmas our house looked like the clearance aisle at Wal Mart. Last year we took back two carts worth of crap. Sister and I will be telling her 3 gifts per child. PERIOD. Anything else will be left and you can return it, or save it for a birthday. And on that note, we will NOT be spending Christmas in a mobile, in a run down camp ground. I will open my doors and if they want to come over and do gifts and have dinner my door is open.

Well our Mortgage is paid monthly, and up to date. It's a good day around here when the Mortgage clears the bank. We try and pay more as we want to be debt free as soon as we can. I actually keep track of our debt load on the front page of this blog. We have plans and it's really hard to stay on track, but then I think of my parents and I don't spend, I wait, I don't buy, instead I send the money to the bank to pay off the van. Or the house.

We do money class for the boys at part of their homeschooling. They get their allowance during the class and they figure out how much goes into savings and how much they can spend. They have saving goals, they are investing money. I will teach them to be NOTHING like my parents. My parents were never taught anything about money. They are buy it now and pay later. Well later is here and look what is happening. I am totally honest with the boys about money. If we can't afford something they understand, because a lot of times I have to say no and save for the Mortgage or pay this or that.

On a side note. We picked up this wind mill. We planned on putting it in the back yard as we are dressing up the back yard. But it has found a home in the front yard.

Tucker Bongo Monkey needed new pj's.

I did a photo shoot tonight.

Trying to get back on my feet now. I will be making calls, making appointments and planning trips. I will be turning off the phone and not being there for my parents. 

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