Friday, September 21, 2012


So as I'm laying in bed last night, not sleeping. My mind a-racing. See we are in the midst of the parents move. And I was to go up today to help finish packing. But the mind is racing on how much there is left to pack, and move and such. Granted I haven't even seen the new rental.

So I'm laying in bed and mind is a-racing and I'm trying to think of something else. So I start to think about how happy I am. WAIT? Happy? Your parents are about to loose their house and you are Happy?



Because my mortgage is paid. Because I pay my mortgage every month. Because we have utter control of our debt. The van will be paid off shortly. And then we work on paying off the house. Because I get to wake up every morning (on the nights I sleep) and see my three babies. I get to be home all day with my babies. I get to have utter control over their learning. And because of that I'm able to bring in things, schools would never.

Because we have control of our debt now, and have been in control of every penny, our budget is starting to look better. Also because I'm not shelling out 125 plus a week in gas, dragging kids back and fourth to school. We are able to do other things with that money.

So I have been buying one or two school books a week. Of course I'm dirt cheap and I watch things on Amazon. Lately the kids are into 101 How to Draw books. Their fourth book arrived today. The second they got it, out comes the sketch books and they are all over it. We will get all the 101 How to Draw books and go onto other serious draw books.

And this makes me happy. I get to let my kids be creative. There is no time limit on them to be creative. I will even catch my 5 year old curled up with a sketch book. Once he really gets into things his drawings have been awesome. These are so cool I have been making copies and tucking them away.

So yes, this makes me happy.

I get to be out in the garden, and I have kids that like to be out there with me. I have an ever growing herb garden.

I think this was Ethan's drawing?

Tucker playing with the colorful cubes I made.

Cupcake of the Month to come...

So on Saturday I will be out helping my parents move. They are moving from a house of 33 years into a rental in a camp ground. After looking at the rental, I don't know how they will be happy. People everywhere, right off the road. People can see into your living room. No storage. They have a lot of purging to do, or live with all the crap. But after we are done moving them on Saturday, then I am done. They will have to unpack. Because I'm DONE.

Come Sunday I will be turning off my phone and distressing from my mother. I need to distress. I need some time away from her.

Come Sunday I will be planning a run away trip. Because of all the stress I have not taken the boys to the Beach once this summer. Next week I will be waking up and yelling FIELD TRIP. And telling them they have 10 minutes to get into the car. We will run away to the Beach for the day. We will be shopping (they earned money last weekend selling some toys), learning about shells and other critters. We will be on the beach, we will be looking at boats. We will do anything and have fun doing it.

So Yes. Gosh Dang it I'm happy. 

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Chef Penny said...

I love this post so much! Why? Because I can so relate to it. You are doing a good job!