Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garden Winding Down

So I finally went out and bought antivirus software, and updated this computer, so now I can update my blog.

So look to hear from me more often now.

Cupcake of the Month will be back, I have a great one for this month. I'll make icing in the morning and post as soon as I can.

I also plan on something new here. I need to think on the name of it. But I'm always in the kitchen playing and I always tell people to go and play. Positive or Failure I will post me playing in the kitchen. It won't post every Tuesday, but look for those on Tuesday. Starting this Tuesday!

The garden is winding down. So a lot of my time now is spent in the garden, clearing out beds and putting up food. This has not been a good garden year. Out of the 50 plus cucumber plants I planted, yes 50. It was suppose to be the year of the cucumber. I got one...ONE cucumber. A total of about 5 zucchini's. Things just did not grow this year, or they stopped growing.

So I have been trying to spend 30 plus minutes in the garden, now I"m working on clearing beds. Aiming to do one a day. Getting them closed down for winter. I have also been working out front. In between the beds cutting down the grass. Weed blocker down, some bricks and soon mulch. My front yard garden area is looking really good and I will be sharing soon.

Well I was out back today cutting chives for my playing in the kitchen debut. I saw Red in my tomato bed...RED? Sure enough 4 little red tomatoes.

We started school last week. After a brutal start, we have hit a grove. I hope it continues as I will add subjects and require so much work a day. Tucker has taken off in English and Ethan adores Math. Cole, well I'm grateful if I can get him to sit for over an hour before he tells me he is done with school!

I have removed a lot of stress out of our lives. Which has been so very nice around here. Still extremely busy. But once the garden is done that will help. We are in mega mode to pay down the van. We want it paid off by Christmas and with me not driving anymore, that gas money will now go towards the van. Currently at 2498....Every spare penny is being sent towards the loan.

I have my parents move up ahead. But they found a rental, they will rent a moving van. I just hope to gosh they pay their rent. Sister and I are going to law down some rules. Usually my mother really over does it for Christmas. Well sister and I are DONE. She will be limited to three gifts per child. Anything over three will be returned and money put into savings. Pay your rent! Period! We also won't be doing Christmas at their rental, in a run down camp ground. My door will be open they can come here, un-drunk!

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