Saturday, August 25, 2012


So breaking news here....I am the Proud new owner of a Blendtec.

Yep you read that right! I have been saving for nearly a year, every spear dollar or such was set aside in my Blendtec fund. I was nearly at 300 when money fell from the sky today. In shock hubby and I chatted about this and chatted and chatted. Then checking on the Blendtec and when it might be at Costco again. Hum, it was there right now until Sunday.

Knowing it was fate. I raced right up and got one and an extra container.

I's one happy girl right now.

Now with the remainder of the money will go towards paying down the van. Once that is paid off it will free up money to work on small projects around the house and work on saving and paying down the house.

But for right now I's a happy girl.

I've made some ice cream (not so good) bread crumbs, pea flour, good ice cream. Just busy testing it out. Soon I will get down to business. 

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Rachel said...

Awesome - I'm sure you will love it. I love my Vitamix and they are very similar. I used it twice just today - once for a smoothie (with Kale, pineapple, hemp seeds, chia seeds, banana, ice) and another for making a puree of chard and kale that I used as a veg puree in baking. I love that it cleans up so easily and it seems like it can blend through almost anything.