Sunday, September 30, 2012

Updating 9-30-12

The boys got permission this week to use hammers and nails and wood. OH BOY. But no saws. So mommy has to make any cuts for them. So I have been hearing hammering and NO that is MY wood. Tucker has made a wood city. This wood city seems to travel around the house.

Wednesday we ran away. We went to Westport for the day. Had a Blast. We all so needed this. We got to the beach two hours before low tide and never in my life had I seen so many sand dollars. We didn't get far down the beach and our bags were full. So full and heavy we had to head back to the van. Just amazing. Tucker went into the Ocean for the first time ever. His pants got soaked and were dragging him down. He took off his pants and was playing in the Ocean in his undies. And Yes, I have photos.

With our amazing weather right now. I'm trying to be out in the garden every moment I can. I have been trying to move this Lemon Balm for about a year now. See Momma Balm had babies, before I moved her. I didn't know and I moved Momma. But the babies grew before I found them. Then the babies grow up and had more babies. So it came to the point I HAD to move it. So I had a 8 foot bed. I gutted it. I lifted up the sides. I filled it with dirt. Not fully full. But then I started to think I don't need a 8 foot full of Lemon Balm! So I put in a divider and Lemon Balm will now share with Savory. My Savory is so very unhappy in a pot. So I will move it to the other half of this 8 foot bed.

I just added a Herb Page at the top of the blog. I am currently growing 46 herbs and adding new ones all the time. I will add them to the list when I add them to the garden. 

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Andrea said...

What do you do with the sand dollars? I heard they die once removed from the ocean