Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playful Tuesday

Well I didn't say all the playing would be done in the kitchen did I? So I wanted to buy this but this is wayyyyy out of my price range. Consider if I got one for one child I would have to get one for each, and 100 blocks just wouldn't be enough. So yesterday I ran to Home Depot and got some wooden dowels in 1/2 inch size. Circles and Squares. I came home and cut them on the saw. NOT recommended for the circles.

I then sanded and painted. I went to Wal Mart and got a magnet sheet so I could cut it down to the tiny size I needed. I got cookies sheets at the dollar store and we are in business. This is just the first round, when the rest are cut I will be sanding and painting some more. So for well under 20 dollars I have a very large set that all the boys can share. This is just a few of them.

Now if you really want to keep your kids busy. Get some Gold and Silver paint well you are at Wal Mart and come home and paint some rocks, and then go and hid them in the front yard. Kept the boys busy for hours hunting treasure. Once the first one was spotted there was no stopping them. The boys have NO idea why we have Gold and Silver but are setting a trap to catch who ever put it in our front yard.


colleen m said...

How fun! Especially the gold and silver rocks lol :)

Ann H. said...

What a great idea! You are a fun Mom! I guess it's things like this that got you Mother of the Year a few years ago. :)