Friday, August 27, 2010

So it's been a week!

Ethan lost his other front tooth and I had to email the tooth fairy and tell her to come!

My dogs used this as a play toy. I did the OMG it's a snake dance as I was heading out to feed the goats.

This little lady caught a ride in with the green beans I picked. Honestly I lost track of her and she could be anywhere in the house. Oh very nice right?

I banned the TV a few days ago. Long story there but it's banned and they will not be allowed to watch it until further notice. I'm liking the no TV. But in the mean time they have gotten into everything. Including all the costumes that we have. Here is Cole as a dragon.

I learned Sierra loves to drink water from a hose. Who know?

I cleared out two beds of Green Beans. I canned 16 Quarts of Green Beans this week.

My son learned he could climb the apple tree. Oh Peachy, I'm still waiting for a kid to break a bone and I thought this would be the day? It wasn't.

Yep, he is up there.

I made cupcakes and Tucker cleaned up after me. Yep, he cleaned up all right.

All three boys got new pj's today. So here they are showing off the new pj's. Yep those are canned goods behind them. I have canned goods everywhere.

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