Friday, August 27, 2010

Ms. Spunky

So this is Ms. Emma. She has a new nickname Ms. Spunky. Well Ms. Spunky learned a new trick yesterday, she got out of the goat pen, she got through the dog pen and made it to the back door where she paw-ed and paw-ed until I opened the back door and let her in. She wanted her food!

But left us going how the heck did she sneak out? Well today I found out. We came home today to find she was again out of the goat pen and with the dogs. Now this little 15 pound goat and she can take on the dogs. Go Figure. So I got her and feed her and took her back. Where she got out again and roamed free with the dogs, where I was watching. But mom finally started to yell so I put Ms. Emma back with the goats. Where she stayed for a few hours until I happened to peek outside to see her just walk through a hole in the fence. Well there you go, that would be how she is getting out.

Here she is caught.

Here she is looking very cute, in hopes I give her some more grain. Have I mentioned she has takin a liking to grain?

Well guess who won? Here she is eating grain (in our dining room). One word Spoiled!

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