Saturday, August 21, 2010

The New Feeding Area

We finally got started this morning on the new covered feeding area we are doing for the goats.

The goats needed something, this will be a few things in one. Not only a covered feeding area, but we are building steps and they will be hay storage, the steps will lead to the top where they can walk around. If I can, we will put the grain feeder under there. We doubt there will be room for water. But we will see what this turns out to be. We have a basic plan down but we are kinda building as we go also.

Well first isn't Jack and Emma so beyond cute?

Well of course the goats HAVE to help.

Another view.

This is where we stopped today. If no rain tomorrow we will be out there again. We can only give this about two hours a day trying to squeeze it in.

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