Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maybe Babies?

We are on baby watch yet again around here. One is giving me trouble so we moved her to the goat momma pen, I got a collar and a leash on her in case she escapes I can catch her without help. But if Delphine or Millie gives birth now they are two weeks early. So either the babies are early or they got pregnant elsewhere??? Oh the Drama on the farm?

Will keep ya all posted. I'm excited about more babies around here. Since these should be our last I want to enjoy them.

So right now Delphine is in the momma pen and being watched. Millie is her sister and is also showing signs but a real sweetheart and won't give me trouble if I have to catch her for the momma pen.

And at this point who knows if Bridget will ever give birth?

Now October 15th is our D day. If any babies are coming they are coming before that date as Buddy has been fixed and that is day 155 past his fixing. We have no babies coming after October 15th.

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