Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good-Bye Beans

It's a sad day here on the farm. We lost Beans last night. I started to worry about him yesterday, but he didn't have a fever, or any signs of being sick. He ate a bit, so I was just hoping he was having an off day. Kept checking on him through-out the day and he seemed to be doing OK. I then went out about midnight to make sure he was snuggled down with momma and sissy and he was but he had just passed away.

Beans was 14 weeks old. I worried he would not live long, I don't think he was meant to live past about two weeks, when he was near death and I scooped him up and started to bottle feed him and got him back.
I'm lucky I got to have him in my life for the past 14 weeks. He was such a joy and really reminded me of Ed his uncle that passed away about a year ago. So sweet and even tempered. Beans would never think about head butting anyone.
When I went out last night, I scooped him up and held him. Poor mom Sierra was so sad and Jelly was in tears and Trooper didn't know what to do. So I was snuggling with Beans and mom and sissy and I wish I had my camera. There was 12 other goats around in a semi circle just watching and looking. It was such a sad moment. They all loved Beans. As we were having such a sad quiet moment, total craziness blocks over as we heard coyote's and dogs and horses going crazy. But on our little 1/2 acre not a peep was to be made.
I put Beans in the green house over night and went back and snuggled with mom and Jelly for awhile and made sure they would be OK through-out the night.
I got up this morning and it was still so quiet. Sierra and Jelly didn't move an inch. Hubby dug a hole and I bought Beans out so Sierra and Jelly, and Trooper could say good-bye. All the goats came to say good-bye and as I was carrying Beans out to the field, total chaos broke out in the goat pen. Running and screaming and head butting, Had to take Buddy (daddy) out, to calm things down. Had to take care of Chip bleeding, Buddy's horns got to him. Nothing serious, but I usually take out big horns and put him with the dogs when chaos happens.
After letting things calm down, I put Buddy back and bought out Sierra and Jelly followed her out. Bought her to the deck and feed mom some grain. I have to keep mom going. If I don't sadness will take over and she will die of a broken heart. I can't let that happen to mom or Jelly. Beans leaving us has been hard on every goat out there. But it's feeding time now and everyone seems to be eating well. Just have to take things day by day right now and hope everyone recovers from this.
We don't worry so much about coyote's here. We are fully fenced. We are thinking of putting up a second fence so we can enclose the goats at night. Something we will talk about after we getting the feeding shelter up. We have a whole new feeding area coming. So stay tuned for that.
Good-Bye Beans you are greatly missed!

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