Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emma Update & Checking Labels

This is Emma. She is doing so much better today. She looks so good. I am really no longer worried about losing her. Her swelling is now fully gone and has been all day long. She is very perky and spunky.

This is momma to Emma. Mom told me to do everything in my power to save her girl. I told her I would but she has to help me. Keep her going and keep her eating.

So the vet and I chatted yesterday and the vet gave me a really strong wormer. Then she said I need to probably check my minerals and food. She just came back from losing some horses because of a food change? Hum, had me thinking on the way home. Because my goats get goat minerals and what I think is good goat grain.
But what do I tell my gluten free board? Read your labels, check your labels, read your labels every time you buy a product because companies change.
Well all be dang, in looking at my minerals they did change. So I took my minerals up to the feed bin and we chatted and looked at labels and found a really great mineral for the goats. I also took my food with me, well not my food, but the goat food. And compared labels. I didn't realize my protein was almost down to nothing. I get the same stuff every week but yet the label was changing. I found better feed for the goats as well.
So they got their new minerals last night, and I mix the food until we are changed over. You don't change a goats diet fast. You take it as slow as you can. Poor Emma got a vitamin shot in the butt, selenium, and the new wormer. And she was also taken out of the pen for a feeding so she could have food and the new minerals. By the end of the night she was begging for mercy.
But I made a promise to momma I would do everything in my power and I did.
So a lesson here check labels Every time! I know I will from now on.

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