Friday, May 30, 2014

More Roses!

OK OK I know I wasn't going to get any more Roses. BUT Silly me was out and about all by myself. Well OK not by myself, I had Ethan, my partner in crime. We were out doing errands, and the place we normally get chicken manure was out. So I thought I would stop at the garden center. They had it totally over priced, but I got some verses using more gas driving around looking for it. So my van smelt amazing coming home!. 

Any Who back to the roses, I honestly wasn't even going to look. Except they had a few as you walk in and they were in bloom and stunning. And before I know it Ethan and I were walking through the roses, after a few minutes we both landed on this Orange one. Her name is Judy Garland. Read her story here

Stunning is an understatement.

The colors are amazing.

This is Texas, I fell in love with him as we walked into the garden center. He is my first mini.

Again Stunning. Needs some love, so I think after some trimming, planting and food. I will have one amazing rose.

How can you say no to that rose? 

Sadly I broke into my birthday money for these. But they were worth every penny. 

8 Roses and counting.

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