Friday, May 23, 2014

One Word & Weekly Update


So we are going to try hydroponics. We will do some test tubes this summer. Trying to figure out how to grow strawberries, lettuce, and I'm thinking basil? We also have some scrap wood coming to make an A-Frame. An A-Frame will hold about 6 tubes on each side. I'm hoping to build one A-Frame this summer, add in the tubes and see where all this goes. Well building this, I'll have about three tubes set aside and some lettuce in a tub. And just play with things.

So a few things I have learned all ready. I have only seen men on you-tube talking about hydroponics. And one should not drink and make you-tube videos. Just saying! And you can get sea sick watching a you-tube video.

Mr. Lincoln bloomed last week. Well then we had a storm from heck with hail and dumping rain and this bloom gave up and died. Luckily I got a photo the day before? It was lovely.

Lordy another busy week. Mostly out in the garden, way too much to do and not enough time. 

Today was my birthday and guess who forgot? I got to spend the day in the pouring rain planting my in laws flowers. You know when you are wet and sticky and just yuck. Yeah, that was me today. 

Well on the Mortgage front things are dropping. Sitting at 118,766. It's slowly dropping, but can't complain. I know one day we will get there. Gosh I hope!

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