Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Thought I would show off some photos from the garden.

This is the new hens and chicks bed. They were here before, but not enough depth for roots. So I pulled them all out. Removed the plastic, dug out a few inches, put down the plastic. Filled with new dirt and replanted.

This is the newest rose, well ok can't say that. But I haven't showed off this one yet. This is Blue Skies it's a purple.

Blue Girl is blooming.

One bed of tomatoes are planted. I have dill in the middle.

My garden is starting to turn green.

This is actually my newest rose. Pot of Gold. It will be planted in the back. 

Not tons going on this week. Which is actually good. My one child (Tucker) who has been pushing every button I have, melted me the other day. Daddy and Ethan have been spending a lot of time birding, and have some birding dates coming up. Well Daddy asked Tucker if he wanted to do anything. He said he wanted mommy time to make a teddy bear for Ethan's birthday. Yeah, I melted. But then I directed him to maybe, Ethan wants a bird house instead???? So we are looking into that. Although that child is growing and ARRRR he is testing me every time we turn around. 

So on the Mortgage front. We are under 119,000. Ever so exciting. We are at 118,898.00. It helps in the stress department we are under 119. Need to go and do the math and see when we will be under 118.

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