Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Garden photos to come. Sadly it's raining AGAIN.

Tell ya the cat who hates everyone. Sure gets around. This is the closes she has gotten to Buddy.

Here Kirby and Tinkerbell so inter-mixed. She sure takes care of Tinker. Tinker is close to passing over. Really just a matter of time. Probably be harder on Kirby then me. 

Any who, been a very tough week here. Work messed up hubby's check. I can't tell ya how many times I tell hubby to do something yourself don't trust someone. Well he trusted his manager who said he would take care of the vacation pay. HA manager said he thought the computer would just take care of it. Like really? And well does he care? nope. So we are only getting 4 days of pay this week which just covers the bills. It's so hard to take money out of savings, because we may not see that missing day? Then savings is down and we are hitting savings hard right now. I need the bleeding to stop. 

The truck came back a LOT more then we were expecting. Add in we need new tires. Garage guy said you have a bad tire. Sure enough pulling into the driveway it went flat. It has the spare on it for now, so we can save for new tires. 

So it's been a bumming week. I can't afford to get my mother a gift, but if I don't, I kid ya not she will call daily and whine. it's honestly a pure hell I don't want. But she won't listen if I say I can't afford it. She won't care that we didn't get our full pay check. She just wants her gift it's all about crap for her. Not to mention she hasn't called in weeks on end. IDK it's hard, because there is no loving relationship with her. You can't have one with someone who use to beat you and treat you like her personal slave?

And I'm bummed that I won't get a mothers day gift, told hubby to thank his manager for ruining my day? And it's not like I wanted much of anything, I don't need anything. Just wanted to go to the garden store and mosey around. Instead I will be gutting a play area and cleaning it up and out for the kids. 

On the Mortgage front, we are at 119,030. Next week we will be below 119. Even through we took a hit on the pay check, we are not stopping the payment for the house. It's way too important. And really we would have just tried to tough it out money wise. But I found out today we are out of cat food and I forgot we are out of flour. I'll be as cheap as I can, but....Just hope for things to be back to normal next week. And well some sun would be nice!

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