Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

EXCUSE THE MESS! But seriously if I waited for the couch to be cleaned, we would have been there all day long. The pipe is for hydroponics. Holes are all cut out. We got a load of 2x4's delivered today, someone was going to burn them can ya believe it? We plan on heading up and getting more. Hubby will start on an A-Frame to hold these pipes. Almost time to get started!

This little Turkey, he is in first grade, but half way through second grade math. He is scary on how stinking smart he is. Well he is now done with school until we start up again.

So hubby and I fought last night. I found a wee bit of money in the budget and this faucet needed fixing. It was streaming water, you could hear our septic pump running all the time. It was a matter of time before the pump burnt out and then how much would that costs? Lots more then we have. 

So last night well running numbers I mentioned that its time to fix the faucet. Hubby was like I thought you were going to call a plumber? Hum no, why would I call someone for something so simple? I fixed it last year, I can take it off and put on a new one? Then he got on you tube and watched a few videos, and really we found out it could be a simple nut or washer issue. 

So this morning we went out and found our faucet looks nothing like any of the faucets we saw on you tube. We did this and this and that and still streaming water. So hubby frustrated with me, sawed it off, and went to the hardware store and bought a new one. Came home and within one minute had it all totally fixed. Water has stopped streaming. We waited 5 minutes to turn on the well, and then another 5 minutes to turn on the house water. And still it's dry. We just left it like this to be sure it won't leak. A leak in the inside wall is NOT good. 

So for 20 dollars instead of 300 plus we have a fixed faucet. Now there is a place for plumbers, don't get me wrong. Like last year when the dog hit the back faucet and it was ripped off the house and took pipes with it. We called a plumber because the pipes in the house needed to be fixed and I was busy under the house cleaning up the flood. Spent 360 dollars we didn't have. But when you have plumbers on You Tube saying folks it's easy peasy fix it yourself and save the money! 

On the Mortgage front, moving slow. From 118,766. to 118,634.

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