Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

And it has been a week! First off Mr. Vader, the BIG dog has left. His momma came and got him. Boy has he missed her. She came over to tell me she was going to pick him up later. He sat at that front door waiting for her.

And this little one has missed him something awful! Very depressed over loosing his brother. Although I didn't realize how big Vader was until he was gone. The house feels so empty, I don't have a big dog under foot. Just everything so quiet.

We got the hydroponics set up this week. These are just test tubes. We are in the midst of building an A-Frame that will house the tubes. But until then they are on saw horses. I have lettuce in one and strawberries in another.


I'm testing a cucumber in a bucket. I saw someone do cucumbers on You Tube, BUT the guy had nine plants in one hole. HELLO. You can't put nine in one hole and expect it to work well. I have one in this hole. We will see what happens?

Trying lettuce in a tub. I plan on doing tubs in the green house over the winter. So we will see?

So much going on this week. My mother is retiring. Oh yeah. She says she plans on spending more time down here. Oh Lord help me! 

Max the goat is really sick. It's like one of his stomach's has stopped working. It's the oddest thing. Hay will go down and come up, but not go down again it gets stuck. Mind you this goat hates me, so it was something when he wanted in the house so I brought him in and gave him some grain, and realized something just isn't right. So we got the joy of pining him down and removing everything. Oh after that he felt great. Ate some grain and back out. But he won't eat hay and he lightly grazes. So I bring him out once a day and fed him grain. He may be grain fed for the rest of his life. He is nine so he is getting up there in years. We will just see how things go. At least he stopped running from me and is letting me treat him or he would have passed on by now. 

Spent the week planting, planting and more planting. Have 181 tomato plants in the ground. Yeah, went a wee bit over board again? All the beds are just full. I still have 7 flats left in the green house. 3 are just tomatoes. No idea what to do if they get tall enough to plant? I have a lot of fine tune planting to do now. 

On the Mortgage front. Went from 118,634 to 118,235.62 had an issue with our numbers. Finally got them in order. Made no sense as nothing was off, but something was just off. So it took me a few extra days to pay the mortgage. Had to be sure the money would be there.

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