Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Well Hell

Look who is now riding a bike? Mr. Tucker. I realized he was close yesterday so we loaded up the kids today and went to the park, got about 1/2 way around the track and I felt he was ready, so we put the peddles back on the small bike and let him go. Oh good gravy. BUT he finally got it and took off. Finished that lap and stopped at the van for a water break. And that is when Buddy took Tucker down. I put this crying kid on the bike and told him to go.

I know I could have easily been called mean mom, but he wasn't thinking about the peddling he was thinking about the pain and off he went. Nearly around the track. Oh look Tuck you can ride a bike. So back to the van and we put him on Cole's bike and off he takes. He does have an issue with starting and stopping. But after dinner we ran up the road and worked on that. His first breaking he landed in a bush. Had to fish him out and I put a crying kid back on his bike and told him to go! He now gets a bike of his own. 

Tell ya Cole is right behind them. Another day or two and I may have three bike riders?

Welcome a new family member. I want to do sauerkraut and I wanted to get a crock, so we ran south to a place that sells a lot of canning stuff. This was half price compared to Amazon. It will be the first of many. But I didn't plant that much cabbage so this is just a starter. Work on it and see how we like it and go from there. If we like it, then lets go cabbage crazy next year.  I just wanted a 2 gallon, hubby talked me into a 3 gallon. who I'm I to say no? See if we can add a 5 gallon next year. Go from there. I'm super excited. 

Speaking of hubby, probably won't be a weekly update this week. Work isn't paying him his sick leave. So right now our check is laugh-able. Of course there is an email now and a phone call tomorrow. Hoping tomorrow to have an answer and a pay date! But this is why I don't allow him to take days off. It's a fight to get paid. He gets sick leave but good luck using it and collecting on it. If he is sick he goes to work if his back is hurting he is going to work. It shouldn't be like that. But crap if there is something to fix, this would be it. If you get sick leave allow people to use it without jumping through 15 billion hoops!

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