Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

YES! I know it's been a few weeks. I'm trying. But that massive garden I have is demanding all of my time right now. The boys are out giving it some time every morning, moving it forward. Making great strides.  Should be harvesting turnips later this week.

Boys goofing off!

Bunches of Oranges on the orange tree. Exciting.

This marshmallow. OH this marshmallow, we got it rolled into the goat pen, then my awesome husband tried to lift it without me. To turn it upright. Well you try lifting 200 plus pounds, it didn't go well. He throw out his back so bad he thought he was dying. Just dying. I tried to calm him down, but nope he was dying. Wanted me to call 911, he was dying. So I called 911 and they came and took him away, I finally found someone to watch the kids so I could go and sit for hours on end in the ER. No x-ray nothing you just pulled it really good. Two rounds of hard drugs and 4 very long hours we were headed home. Doctor telling him he wasn't dying. Just too much pain for your body at the time.

I got the joy of dealing with everything. Had to go and pick up the kids, run by his work because now he gets a week off. I was so burnt out after getting home, but no had to water, and do everything. Tell ya after two days he was done and ready to go back to work. He is now back at work and doing just fine.

Then I have this turkey. Well all my kids are turkeys. So I got in a mood a few weeks ago. Here Ethan is nearly 11 and doesn't know how to ride a bike yet. Mostly our fault, we live on a dirt road, we never have any money for a bike. So for three weeks I saved up and we got Cole a brand new bike. Figured Ethan and Tucker could learn on that then they can get a bigger bike. So we got a bike and training wheels and off we went. Well except the training wheels didn't fit. So we returned them. And in me thinking there has to be a better way. I was on You Tube and let me just say OMG. 

So you take off the peddles and you let them get balance, once they have balance and are keeping their legs up, you put the peddles back on and let them go. So this morning we took off the peddles and went up to the park. For a good hour the boys were walking their bikes around the park (we had a small old bike, Cole's new bike, and a borrowed bike), Ethan finally got it and took off. So after dinner, we put the peddles on the bike and off he went. In under two hours that child was riding a bike. So we moved him up to Cole's bike because it's bigger then the tiny old bike we had and started him on. He took off on Cole's bike. 

So after some more practice on that he can get his own bike. Now Tucker has the smaller bike, it's his turn, he thinks he will be riding by the end of the week. Forcing mommy to find money for two new bikes before our camping trip. But it was so exciting to see him out riding. Can not believe it was that easy for him to learn. He did not want to come in tonight, just all over the place. Although he is sore in the behind area....Two hours on a bike will do that.

On the money front, we seem to be doing ok. I've been cutting back on food and a lot of no's and saving money. Which is how we got a bike. Found out about Mortgage Recasting. Basically you send them a large sum of money, and a fee and ask for a recasting. And they shake up your loan and you get a smaller payment, but your rate and loan time stays the same. Been thinking on that. If I were to put the 132 aside for the next 18 months and send them that and ask we could drop our monthly payment by a lot. But I don't think we qualify because we normally go FHA, I am not sure we did that last time, we streamlined, but did we streamlined FHA? And would it remove PMI? On the flip side I like seeing the house amount drop every week. We are now under 118k which is exciting. Currently 117,971.00 We are thinking on the recasting and may call with our questions.

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