Friday, January 31, 2014


Tell ya Allergies SUCK! 

So we have been cruising in life. I thought we had found all our allergies, I thought we were doing OK? But nope. 

We were hit hard a few weeks ago. Not only major attitude from my middle son, just horrid behavior. Tons of tears, door slamming, screaming. And that was just Tucker. So I know I was dealing with something? Then it happened, I had sent the kids to bed and Ethan got up with a massive nose bleed. And when I say Massive. I mean we soaked towels. And after 40 plus minutes of bleeding you wonder at what point do you call for help? Yep, I was on the verge of calling 911 for help, because no matter what I was doing I could not get the bleeding to stop. 

90 minutes later, I sent him back to bed and I was cleaning blood from every inch of my floor. Well trying to think and debate and debate some more. What the hell happened? I start to wonder if I did something? Did a product change their label? I started to pour over everything. 

The only thing new I bought was cocoa. Now I have used this store brand for years. But it was the only thing newly opened in the kitchen. Hum? So after much googling I still can't figure out if it was a major CC issue and a major oops. Did they go GMO? I read that they are taking cocoa beans now and making a hole and feeling them with pesticides to help keep bugs out of the lot. So is this what is going on now? I really don't know. 

So to try things, I made vanilla cupcakes, and nope they didn't like it. So I got out a piece of organic chocolate, melted it and used it in my chocolate cupcakes. That worked. Since removing the cocoa, Tucker's issues have cleared right up. No more nose bleeds from Ethan. At this point I wont' be trying cocoa again. 

I may later on and make sure it's organic and I know the sourcing. BUT I'm busy and just don't have time for research like that. 

But it's surprising that an allergy can hit at any time. Any product can change in a blink of an eye. It could have been a simple CC issue. And I wouldn't know what the CC issue would be? I know pesticides and GMO's do this to Ethan. So do eggs and banana.  

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