Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mortgage Challenge and Weekly Update

So Tucker had a birthday. He is now the big 9. I allow them to pick out their own gift so he knows what he got for his birthday. BUT mom had a surprise. Mommy finished the quilt he was working on and someone just LOVES it. He also asked for money from Grandparents and he nearly at his savings goal for the year.

We we have started to work in the front yard. Tearing up beds, moving dirt. You can see none of the beds were taller then 4 inches. We are going to an 8 inch wood. The wood was just falling apart as we were moving it.

Hard to see but we have 2 beds totally gutted and wood removed. Plastic covering the empty spots, for now.

The back bed there is an Elderberry bed. I will be ordering some new Elderberry plants shortly. There are three there, but dang they are not growing worth beans. So I plan on ordering 4 new ones and see what I can do.

I have finally got the pillowcases started. Who knows when I will have enough for Etsy. Give me time (Because I have none), I will let everyone know. I didn't want to design new patterns, but I am. I will have a Kitty. 

Now to the Mortgage. So excited, next week we will be in the 121's. We are now currently at 122,030. Can't tell ya how hard this is. As the other day the vacuum went. With 5 dogs, 3 cats the hair is starting to build up. And we do a shop vac in the house, not a house vacuum. Because of the hair. So I'm hoping I can find something on Friday AND stay in budget. And no we don't have a broom, I tossed it when the cat peed on it, and just haven't bought a new one.

Other then that, it seems I don't have 5 minutes to sit. Between homeschool and trying to get stuff ready for the sewing machine, and sewing, and planning the garden, and well working in the garden. Trying to keep up with the house and kids and I drop into bed and I roll out in the morning and start going. I worry about when the garden is in full swing. We shall see? Not to mention worrying about budget and Mortgage and we will be ending the week with a dollar in the bank. Oh boy. 

You add in the truck, we are picking it up either Thursday or Friday, getting about a months worth of hay and then taking the truck right back. In the mean time hoping nothing major happens. But 121's next week come on, I'm soooooooooooooooo ready for it!

2 comments: said...

if you post on craigslist in your area for a free vacuum and broom, I am sure someone has one to give to you. I think that their is a need area or barter area you could ask for these in. People have things that just don't need but just don't want to just get rid of.

Marcie said...

Oh don't I wish, our Craigslist just sucks. You get a lot of un-needed advise. Or we have one but you have to pick it up right now will give you x amount of time. In fact it's so bad I have stopped responding to free posts, because all the hopes people expect you to jump through. You add in the gas because of the driving time. Just not worth it. We were able to afford a vacuum, we are hurting, but hopefully we will make it through and keep going.