Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mortgage Challenge & Weekly Update

Well I can post photos again? IDK I don't like when things update and don't memo you. Took awhile to figure this one out. But we have photos again! 

In the first one Kirby now sleeps in the puppy's create, so you have to remove a cat before putting a puppy to bed. 

The second photo you find this scene often around here. 

And Third a group shot of the monkeys. Speaking of monkeys I was asked to make up a posse of them for an upcoming sale in May. We shall see? 

And our Mortgage Challenge update week # 3 so exciting, three weeks in and three weeks paid. Hubby would like me paying more, but it's like have you seen the budget? I did up it by 5 dollars. Do a few weeks at this and see, but logically I don't think we can raise it much more? I know I want to give it every penny as it is. We went from 122,295.88 to 122,165.88. We will be in the 121's at the end of the month. Ever so exciting. I think math wise it's about April we will be out of the 120's all together. That will be a good day. But one day at a time right now. Still waiting to hear on the truck sounds like it won't be major right now. Buying us time to keep saving money to do some major repairs down the road. Should know more in a day or two. 

But now that work is down to bare bones, our budget is at bare bones. No over time and be grateful for your 40 hours. Luckily I got some big things out of the way first like Tucker's birthday and such. 

Other then that trying to plan out the garden. It's nearly all I think about. We should have all our wood Friday for the front yard re-do. Then I start buying brick weekly. I want to aim for 10-15 a week on brick so we have a good stash for Feb, when we are setting up the new beds. I'm thinking a good 4-5 new beds out back. 1-2 out front, and from that, that will just be it. I am removing two small beds this year. One for walking purposes, and one is in a shade of a cherry tree and nothing grew in there last year. But after these new beds go in we are basically out of space. I will have to live within my means. Sad.

We lost both outside bunnies last year, and so we have that space now. After some debate we will either put one orange tree there or expand out the raspberries. So lots going on. I pretty much have most of my seeds. But I'm thinking of doing some planters around our new trees of some dwarf berry plants. That way I can move them when the trees are nice and big. But we will see on those. I'll be moving my thyme plants as the dogs are just killing them. We may be moving grapes as we lost the fence they were on. Just too much to do and not enough time.

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