Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly Update, Mortgage Challenge & Happy Dance

So Fur Ball (black cat) has a boo boo. It seems he was attacked by the neighbor cat. We are talking a hole the size of a quarter. At first I left it, but he dug at it and made it bigger. So we had to take care of it. Gooped him up, guaze, and an ace bandage. At first he throw a fit, throwing himself around, like saying I can't walk. I walked off and left him, he would walk into the room I was in and started to throw himself around again. Um yeah. So in the end I won this fight and the ace bandage has stayed on. And now that he can't dig at it, it's healing really well. 

So Kirby who likes no other animals, has declared herself a care giver. And so this is a scene we find often right now. If fur ball is in the house she is right beside him. 

So yeah, this is another picture I see often as well. I just finally got the photo. Because if you move Vader jumps up, sending Buddy flying. 

So Mortgage Challenge, and well happy dancing as we are FINALLY out of the 122's and into the 121's. I looked and it took us 2 months to get here. It won't take that long to get into the 120's. Our budget is horrid this week. But it's about breathing and just saying no to everything we can. Focusing on what is more important. But current total 121,900.

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