Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

Seeds of the month came, well last month, I just lack time to do any posting. I plan on using all four. So excited to be out planning the garden soon. By the end of the month the front yard should be totally done. I can't wait. Granted the snow has to melt first! I'm doing a seed order next week, just need to sit down for a minute. OH and I'm ordering grow lights. Be starting tomatoes here shortly.

Been off sewing. I have a nice pile of pillowcases, and squares for quilts. This is the back of a pillowcase, just stunning. I don't know yet when I will go live. I'll let you all know. Just a lot of sewing this week.

Mortgage update. So excited this week, it was a big drop. Although it hurts. We did the monthly mortgage payment. We did the extra, and then some I had tucked away. So we went from 121,900 to 121,514.85. I'm in shock we have made it this far. Just the end goal in site of being in the 112k range. 

Sad day tomorrow as neighbors house goes up for auction. They keep dropping the opening bid. It will be interesting to see if someone buys it or if it goes back to the bank? Kinda hope I get a neighbor who does nothing but gardening......

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