Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekly Update and Mortgage Challenge

We had some snow, no. We got about 8 inches, the snow covered our new beds. It was the puppy's first snow. Did you know puppy's don't like to pee in the snow?

We had a wind storm last night. We finally lost our fence. It's propped up for now, it was on the list, just need to do it sooner then later.

My kids were jumping. I have no idea why?

This one caught some air?

Someone is gearing up to turn the big 7. It will be a very sad day for me. 

We got our tax return in. I was worried after reading that they may be delayed. But we got it. I had a list a mile long of stuff to take care of. So we have started on that list. All medical is paid up. So for the moment we are medical debt free. It won't last long but hay. The truck is in the shop. We are just working down the list. It will be nice to have things done around here. Sadly I'm sure the money won't last long and will be gone soon. But we are getting things done and that is the important part. The list is now about cut in half. We will keep at it. Which now includes fixing the gate sooner then later.

Our mortgage went from 121,514.85 to 121,380. Very exciting to keep seeing the drop. Now that things are coming off the list and being done it will make it easier to keep paying down the mortgage.

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