Monday, February 24, 2014


It's been a couple of crazy days. So I got this new camera, I can take photos in b/w. I LOVE that feature! And yes, Vader is still here. And Vader is getting FIXED next month. So is Buddy, that is the exciting one.

Kirby who likes NO-ONE curled up with fur ball on my chair.

Well Saturday we got an early start on getting the dirt, because hubby would have to make 2-3 trips and I wanted to try a new place. Well one trip up and back and he announces that ride was hell and the truck has to go back to the shop on Monday. Luckily I had him calm down before calling the car guy! In the mean time we had dirt to unload. He bought 2 yards and it filled 3 beds. So Saturday after he refused to drive the truck again we figured we would have to call and have dirt brought in.

So last Monday well the boys were at the movies watching Lego's, I went to a nursery. I should NOT be left alone in a nursery! They had Brazel Berries. I have been wanting Brazel Berries for years. They brought in all three this year verses the one type last year. I caved, I bought two of each. And well two pink lemonade's (pink blue berry) I then had to go to Costco to buy planters. So by the end of the week they will all be planted and placed. Beyond excited.

It's Monday, well Late Monday and our dirt order finally shows up! After three calls, in saying come on we are two blocks away! Show me the DIRT!

They claimed they were having trouble with a machine. I don't care, I called the order in Saturday! It's late Monday! I want my dirt. 10 yards of dirt. Joy! So after it was left, hubby and I went out in the pouring rain and filled one bed. Just six more to go in the front!

My Baker Seed order came in. OH Baker is so my company. I had to hold myself back from ordering everything I wanted. But added some tomatoes to my collection. And expanded my cucumber collection and zucchini's. And Turnips are good, they make the potatoes go further. Trying some new squashes and such. Should be an exciting year!

Seeds of the Month came in. I have been wanting to add Clover to my herbs so this is good. And Asparagus, it's one I have been wanting to try. Guess I'm trying it now?

Picked up the truck a few hours after taking it over. It costs nothing as something juggled loose from the last repair. Last repair as in last week!

So tomorrow and Wednesday nothing but filling front yard beds! If we have time we will head out back and work there. We have enough bricks for 1-2 beds, but we need to flatten things out back there. So it will take some work. But hoping I have enough dirt for those beds as well. We also need to move around a fence line so make room for orange trees. We got rid of one bunny cage, one more to go. This one will place out front and on Craigslist, it's a good one, just needs some love. The other one had been through way too many bunnies and was just toast. Now it's in pieces in a burn pile. Freeing up a lot of space.

Luckily it looks like the rain will be moving out? which would be good news lets us work outside longer. Hubby is only off for a week, need to get a lot done!

And just a note as I type this I have a heating pad on my back. I'm feeling muscles' I haven't felt in a year. Well since the last time we moved 10 yards of dirt!

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