Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Progress Day 3

I planted seeds this morning. I had a helper. Hundreds of tomatoes are now going.

We went out back today. One bed is totally in and filled. We will be doing 2 more beds and filling those and then calling it good. Any left over dirt will be used to top off other beds and such.

The backyard.

One of my herb sections.

Garlic is looking good and no clover in sight! I might get garlic this year?

This photo just OMG. I was out taking photos of Buddy. Just snapping away and then up pops Trooper, his son. No idea where he came from just popped up, I didn't even see him until I reviewed the photos. I finally got a photo of father and son. Pretty cool. Loving my b/w feature.

No Progress tomorrow, I'm off to the sewing show!

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