Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mortgage Challenge & Weekly Update

How to save 500 plus dollars? Fix the dishwasher yourself! We realized our heating element probably went out. As dishes were not dry, they were so cold and then they stopped getting clean. I put in a cleaner and there was no heat to open the bottle. SOOOO after some googling I found a part number, found the part on Amazon and ordered it. Found a website that explained how to change it out. It seems simple enough. If need be there was also you tube we could have checked out. So for 20 dollars. All is fixed and it's up and running great now.

Part of tax money was spent on grow lights. I bought 2 this year, these are 4 foot long. So in the next few days tomatoes and a few other things will be started. We will try the hallway, but with 5 dogs and 3 cats I worry! Might have to give up my sewing table for awhile?

Sewing table. Speaking of which is packed full of stuff I'm working on. Things just pop into my head and stay there until I get them out on fabric. Which in turn makes room for more in my head before I have other projects all sewed up. This is what I"m working on this week. I will post more as soon as it's sent to the intended person. I just don't dare post early in case she reads a blog????

My baby is officially 7. OUCH. On Monday he got a BIG surprise. Daddy took them to see the Lego movie. Oh that was exciting. And then off to Toys r us for his birthday gift. Of course all Lego Movie Lego's well what else. He had our birthday money, and grandparents. And now the other grandparents gave him money so he is off to get a missing piece or two? So he had a big day.

So this upcoming week is bound to be NUTS. Hubby is taking the week off. We will start filling the boxes out front with dirt. The watering system is nearly in. Probably one more good day and we will be all set? So lots of dirt. Ethan and I have a sewing show on Thursday. We look forward to this all year long.

So Mortgage, as excited as I am every week. I'm freaking out. I'm sure it's because the neighbors house went back to the bank this week. Just hard to believe all the work she put in and everything she did and she walked away. IDK I can't give up my house. So I want to pay it down asap. But each payment seems so slow. Although I know we are doing good. And if all works out we will be below 113k at the end of the year. Just need to keep breathing and taking it day by day. But it's hard. On the other hand we are busting at the seems some days. What I wouldn't give for a few hundred more feet some days. 

We clean, we declutter and it never seems enough. I have grow lights now. Soon I will have jars everywhere. So I do think when we are under 100k and we think about re-fi-ing. Part of me wants to stop paying down the house so hard, and bulk up savings and really start to keep our eyes open for either our dream home? or adding on some feet to this house. But that isn't this year. So a debate for another time. 

Right now, it's dirt, it's getting the growing season up and growing and OHHHH the BIG news. Our local nursery had Brazzel Berries. I have been wanting these for YEARS. And then I found out last year the local nursery had them, but I totally missed out. So well the boys were at the movie. I went and poked around the nursery and fell in LOVE. I got 2 of each. So those will be planted next week with the load of dirt. I'm off tomorrow to get everything they will need for planting. I'll try and have photos next week. 

OOPS Mortgage is down to 121,250 from 121,380 come first week of March we will be out of the 121's. Exciting.

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