Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Update 9/3

So we painfully made the payment to the van we are down to 4409, finally over the 4500 hump. We maybe going into October in the 3k range which would be awesome. I will tell ya, this is surely testing us. We take our money one day at a time. On that note, we have not written one check since we were hit with check fraud a few months ago. Totally cash only. Although we lack cash, so it's good to see where it all goes and do you really need that?

Today I really wanted to get out of the house, and we haven't been garage sale-ing in well over a year. It was due. Although we stayed in town, to be close to a bathroom, and that way if momma got cranky we could come home. Kids, heat, and signs that lead to no where, can make a mom very cranky.

I found books, tons and tons of books. Priced between 10-25 cents. We came home with a van load (for the school library). And this print. Something I had to have for the library. I think after I paint out there, this will look snazy, hanging on the wall. It looks like someone hand painted it, but after getting it home, we realized it was a print. But it's still snazy. The photos do not do this justice.

Not much else to report around here. Boys start back to school on Wednesday, I'm canning like crazy, because once school starts, time will be lacking. I am updating my canning totals as I go.

We are hoping the heat will help my many tomatoes turn red, very exciting to have tomatoes. As I'm down to my last jar of sauce around here. We are all out of salsa. I will be getting my recipes in order so as the tomatoes start to come in, and I get home from school I can get going. I am not to waste one tomato. 

Until next week.

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