Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The Birth of a Monkey. Oh Dear God how I hate sewing patterns. I do not understand the language it is written in, all the tucks and folds and flips. Oh why can't something be simple? This monkey took three hours to birth, luckily I did all the sewing long after the kids went to bed, as cuss words were a-flying.

BUTTTTTTTTT I think she turned out pretty well, she has some flaws, but she was the first monkey and I can only get better from here. Well I can hope?

So before going to bed last night, I put her on Tucker's bed, and boy was he thrilled to wake up to a new Monkey, but not any Monkey, a GIRL Monkey. So she needed a name, Ellie. So she was named, but Mom she needs clothes now. So tonight I made a very simple sundress. And Mom you HAVE to go to Goodwill tomorrow she needs a blanket and there is NOTHING Pink in this house. And Mom anything Pink will do, because she needs a blanket. So guess where I'm heading tomorrow?

I think she is now adorable, the dress put her over the top in cuteness. You after all can't have a naked Monkey running around. 

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Wendy Hawkinson said...

I love Ellie! She is so cute. :)