Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sadly, it might be time for an expert?

Well sadly I think I'm about to give up the fight? I have been trying off and on to fix Ethan's "new" sewing machine. I have fused with the bobbin, I have changed the bobbin, I have changed thread many times. I have opened it up and cleaned it out, I have seen it run with the covers off, there is a spot where it bunches and for the life of me I can't figure it out. You name it I have done it.

But if I keep going, he may be 30 before I get this to start working. So it may be time to save up a bit and get an expert. Well someone more knowledgeable in sewing machines then I.


emaegf said...

Marcie where does it bunch up? When feeding the fabric through? Sounds like a misfeed so it's either one of the teeth or a timing issue maybe a belt if it has any. Are any of the teeth broken, jagged, bent?

Natalie said...

When was the last time it was professionaly cleaned and oiled Marcie? That needs to be done every 3 years or so or depending on milage. Just a suggestion. Mine needs to be done and it is going to cost me $75.oo so for now mine won't get done.