Monday, September 5, 2011

Challenging Ourselves Again

Yes, you read that right, we are going to challenge ourselves again.

So looking at our budget, I spend WAY too much money at the grocery store. Well needless to say this HAS to stop. My garden is growing, it's time to eat what we grow, Time to eat what I can, and or dry. We normally do one big shopping trip a month, then we end up at the store at least once a week, spending an extra 50 or more dollars. It has to stop. If I run out of something tough, find something else, if I run out of juice tough, I have water, and canned apple juice. No chips, well again TOUGH, you don't need the salt.

So we will continue to do our one day monthly shopping, but I will be writing out a calendar of food, working around eating out of the garden, and eating out of our jars. Our goal is to do one big shopping trip and just one small shopping trip because you know I will forget something. Our goal is to save 100-150 dollars a month. And that should help us pay the van payment without crying weekly. We just need breathing room in our budget.

This is our under the bed stash. 

Our challenge starts on the Friday the ninth of September.

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