Friday, September 9, 2011

Change Of Plans

So sadly as life changes, plans change as well. We were trying to pay down the van 100 a week, and yes it was killing us, but we were doing it. I had planned on taking a free week this week as we are getting hit with everything under the sun and miss a payment, and pick it up again next week. But here is where the plans change. We are putting paying the van on hold for now. And for the next 10 weeks we are going to attempt to save 100 a week, as hubby's truck is really not doing well at all. So we either need to fix up his truck, or buy him something to run back and fourth from work.

For right now we will continue to duct tape his truck up and really hope for the best.

After hubby is taken care of with an OK car for travel. We will continue to pay down the van. Although if there is anything extra in the budget I will put it towards the van. Currently stalled at 4409.

Order of things

newer car for hubby
one last medical debt (we are paying monthly but it needs to leave us)
Pay off the Van
Have a little savings
Work on paying down the house

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AdoptionMom said...

Good for you Marcie!!!
Having a plan of action allows for the money to seem to go a longer distance. Take things in bite size chunks. We end up feeling a bit strapped here and there. We had our home paid off for 10 years and we added on a couple of rooms (it was 825 sq ft to start with so we needed the room) and now with a payment again it's not feeling great. Then all the medical bills from my wheat issues and now my dh is getting ready to be laid off. His company does that each year, but it's a bit early this year. Normally it's not until Christmas Eve, but this year it will be the first week of October. Glad I have my pantry built up and the freezers full. Don't fret, the van will get paid off and it will be nice to have a reliable truck for him. My dh had a 1986 Dodge he was driving, it blew black smoke into the cab, gas tank only held $5 in gas since it had a leak in it and there was an exhaust leak. LOL We finally took it to the junk yard and got $50.00 for it. They turned around and sold it for $500, it's still being driven around town. My husband had been saving back some money each week and he found him a very nice (everyone thinks it's new) truck. It was driven by a guy on the weekends to haul around his 4 wheeler to play in the mud. The guy got tired of the truck and sold it. His loss our gain :O)
I'll pray that the right truck comes along for your dh and at the right price.
p.s. My chickies say "Hi" to the goats.