Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Boy Tucker

It has been a few days since posting. What a busy few days It has been. Thanksgiving, and getting the house ready for Christmas.

So here is a picture of Tucker and our newly adopted kitty, really we adopted her against my will. Tucker has taken a real liking to her. This is Tucker's kitty, he feds her and gives her water. And carries her around, I don't know if this kitties feet every hit the floor? She is very pampered by my son. Now notice I keep saying She and kitty? This kitty has yet to be named. Every time a name is bought up it is shot down so fast. No that is not the right name! So here is this spoiled rotten kitty with a bobbed tail who has yet to be named and to touch the floor.

Here is Tucker and Kitty watching Buzz Light year.

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