Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekly Update

Another crazy week here. I got a few projects finished up. I LOVE how the felt boards came out. These are for the neighbors grand kids. If you google Mr. Potato head felt board the pattern will come up, the dinosaurs came off pinterest. I'm always on there looking for felt ideas. 

I stapled the felt to painting canvas. I got the canvas at Michael's at 67% off.

The bunnies are for someone at hubbies work. Now I have trained hubby to say NO to gift swaps. We can't afford it and the crap we get in return is not worth it. BUT the managers did this on his day off, without asking him and when he found out who he got, OH you can make something for her, she LOVES bunnies. OH I have one that is blind and near death I can give her? Hum he said no, but had to think about it. 

So I had a McCall's bunny pattern that has been sitting on my desk I have been wanting to do. So I made a mock up and really liked how fast it sewed up and no real issues. Well except I sewed the head spot together. oops. But you see the big bunny? that is the size they gave me. So I shrunk down the pattern to make the babies. 

And I will tell ya they are so flipping adorable. I LOVE the cow print one. Makes one wonder what his dad looks like? 

So this actually costs me nothing, I bought nothing to make these. All fabric was on hand. 


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Karen said...

I'm with you. The black and white bunny is flippin' cute! Congrats on the drop on the mortgage.