Friday, December 26, 2014

Well It's Over

Spend all this time dreading Christmas and then BOOM it's here. On Sunday before my mother just showed up. Oh the fight we had. Excuse after Excuse after Excuse. Only a drunk makes that many excuses. Tell ya if my father wasn't there (he won't let her drive) I would have probably slammed the door on the first excuse. Just tiring and draining. 

Here is the last dress for my niece. I just adore these and I'm toying with selling them on etsy. I'm toying with a lot of things right now. My poor brain.

My boys have been in this position since the 24th. Building lego set after lego set.

My mothers gifts utterly suck. Oh no I'm not calling you fat. Then she buys me 1x clothes. I have never been a 1x a day in my life. If you plan on buying crappy clothes at least get them in my size? Yeah, her and I are about to have it out again. But this is the pile of crap to go back. Can someone explain to me what is wrong with cash? Because now there is something I really want, but it will take many weeks to save for. 50 bucks would have saved her money and gotten me 1/3rd of the way there? Just saying.

We will be taking down Christmas soon. Just wasn't in the mood this year. A lot of it has to do with my mother. The fighting, and the crappy gifts. It's depressing to know she will never ever get me one good gift. It has utterly ruined Christmas for me. But the kids had a hoot. So many Lego sets so little time. The best gift I got them was a movie. They got to open it Christmas Eve. Of course only got to watch a few minutes, so had to finish it on Christmas morning allowing us to sleep. And mommy likes sleep, mommy doesn't like being woken up at 7am going is it time is it time and that doesn't end until you drag yourself out of bed and tell them it's time. 


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