Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weekly Update

Another sewing project done. Hubby told someone at work that I could make a 3 foot tall penguin. Well ok then. It was for money and we need money so I whipped one up. This pattern is from Carol's Zoo, I just blow up the penguin to make her up to 3 feet.

My youngest got up from the table tonight and announced he wanted all his hair chopped off. After my heart attack, we compromised. I didn't cut it all off, and he got it cut short. I think it was starting to weigh on him and hitting his eyes and such. He was done. 

We lost power today for a few hours. So we had school work by window light. Got my seeds sorted and the rest of my tomato seeds put into storage.  Little stuff. Would have kept going but the energy company finally showed up and turned back on the power.


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