Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Freakin Christmas

Any one else not in the mood for Christmas? Or is it just me? Christmas movies since Halloween, Come on all ready, boy meets girl, they have a love story, fall in love and blah blah blah, and it ends happily after ever. 

OK back to real life, because life isn't happy after ever. Life is hard. So you paddle along and hope for smoother water coming up? 

So first hubby's work. Took away all holiday pay. There is NO holiday pay this year. No over time, no nothing. OH and too boot, they are forcing hubby to take a vacation day here and there. Yes, probably illegal. But really do we tattle? if we tattle will he be fired? Because oh they don't need him? Love how the higher ups sit behind a desk running bottom numbers, they don't sit in the middle of a Fred Meyer or any other store they own and just sit and watch. They don't walk in employee's shoes. Just tiring. All this after no pay raise this year. Oh and last year we got a whopping nickel raise. Just sad to see a company go down like this. Very sad to treat people like this.  

IDK the best thing I can do is work on paying the house and saving money and hope the day never comes where he is fired? 

Oh and then my mother, My mother who I told her to her face that I was DONE. She took that as I was done until Christmas then we can do a family Christmas and be oh so friendly. NO I'm done until you go to rehab, and therapy, or until the drinking kills ya. You pick, but I'm done. So I will be reminding her of that shortly. 

Boys are counting down the seconds until Christmas. Oh Lordy. They have had math all week, told them if they do their lesson today then no math next week. So they did their math and Ethan helped Cole since I was gone all morning. Speaking of Cole we are tempted to move him ahead in math. Moving him to fourth and skipping third. I think he is more then ready, but if he isn't we can always go back to third. He is all ready a 1/2 a year ahead as it is. So we have time to play if we need it. But yeah I get a week off from math. 

So I'm really not in the mood for much of anything. The boys have struggled on what to get each other, I've had sewing projects like crazy. And really didn't want to do another. But was finally inspired to work on barbie clothes. These are for my niece. She gets a barbie and some handmade clothes. She really wants Ken clothes, so we will see what happens? So far three very fancy dresses are done.

Black dress with butterfly's on it.

This is a blue dress with fancy silver spots on it. Hard to see.

White dress with a lovely print. These are from Simplicity 8481. I still have one more to do, it will be red. Then see about Ken clothes. 

I will be counting down days until Spring. I have a project in mind that we may be out working on here shortly, More later if we do. 

Well here is hoping my canoe doesn't tip over. I hear the water is really cold! 

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