Friday, December 12, 2014

The Bug

I caught the bug, the gardening bug that is. Who can think about Christmas when spring is right around the corner. OMG gardening season is COMING. 

OK so I'm running about two months behind on life. So I don't even have garlic in the ground. Come this Sunday that will be fixed, But try ordering garlic in December? It ain't happening. I finally found one. And it arrived today. What I want to do is remove the store bought garlic I planted last year and only grow Heirloom kinds of garlic. So I guess that is a next year sort of thing?

Finally gave up on Garlic and went into onions. We plan on playing with our onions. Hubby wants to grow really big onions. We will probably do a bed of just Alisa's and some tubs to see how they grow. Really space them and fed them and tons of water and just play. So that order came in today. See I'm ahead. HA tricked myself. I plan on planting probably end of Jan? Need to think on things.

Seed catalogs are starting to arrive. Just in time for Christmas....

(Guess who is still processing squash?)


Anonymous said...

Need new update on everything. Here in Michigan, snow, cool, freezing ground and 0 degree temp. with the wind chill even worst.

Marcie said...

It's coming. We've had a rough tough week I'm working through.