Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekly Update & Mortgage Challenge

So Turkey day here. The kids ate and ate and ate. They were still stuffed the next day. We cook and eat here. So much better for the boys and they LOVE it.

So LOTS going on of course. Should be sharing a sewing project next week, they are so stinking cute. In fact I need to go and finish them up tonight so I can start a new present tomorrow. 

So how many of you went out for Black Friday? Turkey Thursday? I don't. I do think stores should be closed Thursday. For Black Friday there are some things, first they bring out the cheap electronics. These are crappy, and not worth the price listed. Second, if you really priced out an item you can usually get it cheaper on a different day. Third have you ever followed an item. Are you buying something for a person just to buy something? have you followed the gift trail? do you know how many gifts end up at goodwill? returned? stashed in a closet? Where is that gift you gave a month later? 

I have been given so much junk over my life, normally from my mother. Two years ago I didn't bother returning any of it, it all went to goodwill. Two years ago she gave me a plastic wine bucket. Hum I don't drink, she also gave me a cheap fleece blanket. Hum I can't stand to touch fleece. But she bought just to bought because I MUST have something to open because giving cash is so cheesy. Really? because cash in May when it's gardening time. OH BOY.

There was one year we returned so much stuff to Wal Mart they brought over an officer to talk to us. I'm sure making sure it wasn't all stolen? We had receipts for most of it, I snuck into the parents house and found her pile of receipts. 

I also like to plan the gift per person. And keeping it simple. My youngest niece, she is into barbie. So she will get a new barbie and I will make some clothes. I almost thought of doing a barbie clothes of the month? where I would make her an outfit or two a month and send it to her. But with my gardening schedule I thought good luck? This year she has requested Ken clothes. 

I also shop all year round. I found something perfect for my mother this summer well we were off camping. It's also a good way to spread out the money that Christmas costs. So come December our budget will not take a hit. We've been saving for my gift for months, and heck it went on sale and Joann's did their black Friday on Wednesday, but the catch is I had to go up and get it. But there was no crowd, since there was no crowd I got some fabric as well and got in and out and saved 50 bucks on my gift. 

Today with the sun out and it being freezing outside, I went out front and finally covered all the frozen beds. Nice to get that all done. Hoping Wednesday after school to run out and do the back yard. I have Pineberries being delivered tomorrow. (White Strawberries) These are real and come from a real gardening place. They put them on sale for about 80% off and I jumped. Been wanting to add them to the garden and now I get too. 

Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner, and then it's time to plan the garden. I'll be ordering Elderberries. So much planning to do. 

On the Mortgage front, sitting at 114,230. Next week I'll be paying the monthly payment and the extra, so we will drop into the 113's. Love seeing it drop.

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